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2022 - 01 - 28
Case Sharing:    Constipation more than 10 years, the colon is full of stool!    Accompanied by her children, a woman from Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, went to the anorectal surgery Department of the Affiliated Shaw Hospital of Nanjing Medical University.    Chief complaint: There has been no bowel movement for more than a month!    The old woman in the Shaw Hospital constipation specialist outpatient clinic, haggard appearance, expression pain, the old woman said that recently has been poor appetite, abdominal often appear bouts of colic, has been unable to live normally.    The aunt's dau...
2022 - 01 - 13
Leader, I have a disease - 'office syndrome'    Are you being targeted by Modern Occupational disease?    Look LIKE DECENT OFFICE WHITE-COLLAR, ESCAPED THE OUTDOOR WIND AND sunshine, but in fact for a long time with the same posture facing computer screen, in a relatively airtight office, a lot of people will be all sorts of 'modern occupational disease' come to the door.    'Office syndrome' is one of them.    Do you often feel lethargic at work? Especially in the afternoon when you feel sleepy and your head is bulging? They also suffer from memory loss, palpitations, ...
2022 - 01 - 10
To strengthen digestive epidemiology professional exchange activities in Shanxi Province, explore the transformation of the basic and clinical medicine application, sponsored by the physicians association digestive physician branch in Shanxi Province '2021 physicians association digestive physician branch annual meeting in Shanxi Province', on January 7, 2022-8 in shanxi changzhi, nanjing wide cheng technology of biofeedback gastrointestinal apparatus at the meeting.    Academic recommendation recognized by experts    Mr. Wang Shaofeng, chairman of this meeting and director of Gastroen...
2021 - 12 - 31
Seasonal influenza is influenza, which is an acute respiratory infectious disease induced by influenza virus.      Influenza viruses cause influenza, including types A, B and C. Influenza A and B viruses are prone to mutate and cause pandemics. Compared with influenza A and B, influenza C is rare, usually causes mild infection, and generally does not mutate.    If you have a sudden onset of high fever, a cough, usually a dry cough, a headache, aching muscles and joints, feeling weak, a sore throat and a runny nose, you probably have the flu.    Most people recover from the flu within a week, t...
2021 - 12 - 23
Diabetes patients have gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation, abdominal distension, nausea, obvious delay in gastric emptying, and gradually worsening symptoms... Have you considered Diabetes Gastroparesis?    What is Diabetes Gastroparesis?    Diabetes Gastroparesis (DGP) is one of the common complications of diabetes autonomic neuropathy and the most common digestive tract complication in diabetes patients. It is mainly caused by diabetes, such as gastric peristaltic rhythm disorder, delayed gastric emptying, but not accompanied by mechanical obstruction of the digestive system.    Accor...
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