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2022 - 03 - 17
News on epidemic situation: On March 15, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference. Lei Zhenglong, deputy director of the Disease Control Bureau of the National Health Commission and a first level inspector, introduced at the meeting that from March 1 to 14, more than 15000 people were reported to be infected by the local epidemic, which affected 28 provinces.    Omikjon BA. 2, faster transmission and stronger concealment    'People are still those people, but the virus is faster and stronger!'    In the recent local epidemic situation in m...
2022 - 03 - 02
That familiar feeling came backIt's that dress-down season againMorning down jacketWear a skirt at noonAdd fleece sweaters at nightNever experienced 'four seasons in one day'  How can there be real spring    Faced with the random weather of four seasons, the temperature difference of a day is often more than 10 degrees, these people should be extra careful。    01, cold, rhinitis, asthma, again.    He that undresses often catches cold soon. The temperature at noon is very high, but the temperature in the morning and evening is too low to stand, quickly roar to take off the long John...
2022 - 02 - 23
On the morning of February 23, 2022, the delegation composed of relevant leaders of Jingan County People's Government in Jiangxi Province and representatives of Qixia District visited Nanjing Kuancheng Technology Co., Ltd. to study the experience and practice of our company in the development of big health industry. Ms. Shen Xiaoling, deputy general manager, and Mr. Shi Lei, R&D manager accompanied the delegation.    Ms xiao-ling shen led JingAn delegation visited our science and technology exhibition hall, 'breathing', and 'digest' two production lines of core products...
2022 - 02 - 21
The epidemic situation in Baise, Guangxi, has just been cleared to the public. The infection in Huludao, Liaoning, continues to increase. The epidemic situation in Jiangsu began to spill over to other provinces and cities from Suzhou... When will the epidemic situation end completely?    In view of the volatility of the COVID-19 epidemic, experts have long pointed out that the future will enter the normalization stage of the epidemic. For mankind, it is still full of challenges. In the absence of specific drugs, improving one's own immunity and antiviral ability is still the key to resist ...
2022 - 02 - 11
Do you know what is airway mucus hypersecretion? It is an important risk factor of chronic airway inflammatory disease!    Airway mucus hypersecretion refers to the pathophysiological process in which various pathogenic factors cause airway mucosa to produce excessive mucus. It will lead to airway obstruction, and then lead to such pathophysiological abnormalities as gas exchange dysfunction, imbalance of ventilation and perfusion ratio, which will significantly reduce the pulmonary function and quality of life of patients. It is an important risk factor affecting the onset and progress of chr...
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