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2021 - 08 - 09
As of 24:00 on August 8, 125 new confirmed cases had been confirmed nationwide, including 31 imported cases and 94 local cases, with no new deaths; There are no new suspected cases.  As Zhang Wenhong said, what we have gone through is not the hardest. More difficult things need the wisdom of long-term coexistence with viruses. Now more and more people believe that the epidemic will not end in a short time, and may not end in a long time.    In the battle against viruses, we never really won. But the process of fighting against the virus is worth recording. From viruses to those diseases that c...
2021 - 08 - 05
About 1/3 of the general population has experienced gastrointestinal discomfort. Gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms, most of which are so-called 'functional gastrointestinal diseases.'. Common gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms, such as belching, acid regurgitation, burning sensation of upper abdomen, dull pain, abdominal distension, etc., are called 'functional gastrointestinal diseases' if they cannot be found to explain the causes of abnormal clinical manifestations through routine examinations, accounting for about 50%~70% of patients in the outpatient department of dig...
2021 - 07 - 30
The outbreak caused by Nanjing Lukou Airport has drawn the attention of all sectors of society. By July 30, 2021, Nanjing reported a total of 184 local confirmed cases, including 8 severe cases. This round of epidemic has leaked into 20 cities in 10 provinces.    According to the unified deployment of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Jiangning District, the Affiliated Shaw Hospital of Nanjing Medical University has become a centralized medical treatment center in Jiangning control area, with 273 wards and 588 beds, basically meeting the medical needs of the people in the loc...
2021 - 07 - 27
On July 25, the fifth annual conference of the Respiratory Rehabilitation Committee of the Chinese Medical Association for Rehabilitation was successfully concluded in Changchun. The conference was sponsored by the Respiratory Rehabilitation Committee of the Chinese Medical Association for Rehabilitation, organized by the Second Hospital of Jilin University, and co-organized by China-Japan Friendship Hospital. With the theme of 'Coordinated action to establish a respiratory rehabilitation system in hospitals', the conference hopes to consolidate the foundation of respiratory rehabilita...
2021 - 07 - 26
Since the detection of 9 positive cases at Lukou Airport on July 20, as of 24:00 on July 24, there were 57 local COVID-19-19 infections in Nanjing City, including 37 local confirmed cases and 20 local asymptomatic infections. At present, the epidemic situation in Nanjing has spilled over to 4 provinces: Zhongshan, Guangdong, Shenyang, Liaoning, He County, Anhui, Mianyang, Sichuan and Suqian, Jiangsu.    In order to stop the spread of the epidemic, Nanjing launched the second round of full staff nucleic acid testing for the city's permanent residents and migrant workers on the 25th. The ris...
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