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  • Director of sales
    Release time: 2018-07-25


    1、Understand the market dynamics of the medical equipment industry, do a good job in market development, develop and implement sales strategies;

    2、Manage the sales team well, collect and analyze the sales data, and complete the sales target on time;

    3、Follow up customer needs, and do the maintenance work;

    4、Develop partnerships with cooperative enterprises, establish cooperative relationships with agents or other channels;

    5、Develop and supervise the implementation of enterprise product and brand promotion plan;

    Job Specification:

    1、25-40 years old, college degree or above; Age and educational background may be relaxed for excellent candidates;

    2、Have working experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and have certain medical equipment sales network and personal connections;

    3、Experience in leading a team to develop market;

    4、To the company's product overall marketing work and business performance assessment have certain understanding ability, analysis ability, innovation ability;

    5、Have strong market development ability, strong business negotiation ability;

    6、Strong sense of responsibility and execution, strong learning ability and team spirit。

    7、Have the necessary financial and legal knowledge。

  • Technical support / After-sales specialist
    Release time: 2018-07-25


    1、Familiar with the company's product technology and application key points, provide pre-sale and after-sales technical guidance for the company's sales department, solve the common customer related technical problems;

    2、Cooperate with sales department for product function display and technical solution;

    3、Other daily work assigned by leader;

    Job Specification:

    1、College degree or above, major in electronics, mechanical, mechatronic etc;

    2、Experience in medical equipment maintenance and technical support is preferred;

    3、Be honest and trustworthy, with strong language and practical ability and a sense of responsibility。

  • Marketing Planning/Promotion Specialist
    Release time: 2018-07-25


    1、Responsible for the implementation of the company's annual product marketing plan;

    2、Responsible for the execution of marketing activities and product promotion in the sales area;

    3、According to the company's sales plan, responsible for collecting, sorting and analyzing the market data, cooperate with the sales Department to complete the marketing work;

    Job Specification:

    1、At least 3 years working experience in pharmaceutical industry;

    2、College degree or above;

    3、Outgoing personality, strong expression and communication skills, strong communication skills, affinity;

    4、Have certain market analysis and judgment ability, good sense of customer service;

    5、Responsible, active and enthusiastic;

  • Sales executive/representative/Specialist
    Release time: 2018-07-25


    1、Visit customers regularly, maintain target customers in the region, understand customer needs and provide solutions;

    2、Collect market information and customer feedback on the product, timely analysis;

    3、Implement all kinds of marketing plan, ensure the implementation effect, establish good product image and company image;

    4、Achieve sales target;


    1、College degree or above; Medical background or hospital experience preferred;

    2、Familiar with the sales process of medical devices (drugs) and the hospital workflow;

    3、Have a good sense of service, sense of responsibility and strong execution;

    4、Have the determination to pursue high salary;

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