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1. Corporate goals

Build a domestic brand based on people's wellbeing

2. Enterprise spirit

Solidarity and hard work, pioneering and realistic, satisfying users, scientific and technological progress, perseverance and excellence

3. Core values

Honesty -- the root of business. Baide and sincerity are the first, PepsiCo's faith is the foundation, and honesty is the foundation for the development of our business;

Robustness -- the core of management. Firmly establish the awareness of risk and responsibility in development.

Innovation -- the root of development. The market is changing rapidly, and only innovation can stimulate the strong development momentum of enterprises

Win-Win -- the rule of action. Two people are benevolent, three people are public, and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results in cooperation is the principle of doing things with leniency and sincerity;

4. Business philosophy

Technology is power, conscience is direction

5. Corporate mission

Build a platform for employees, create benefits for customers, seek health for mankind, and create value for society

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Be lenient towards others and be honest
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